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Suggested Readings in Sustainability

If you browse through the environment section at any bookstore, the volume of books on sustainability is impressive, inspiring, but also a little overwhelming.  In the sea of books being published these days on the topic of sustainability and the environment, it isn’t as easy to choose a starting point. 

To provide a little clarity, members of the UNCG sustainability community are sharing their recommendations.  Trey McDonald, the Sustainability Coordinator, kicks off this feature with the following books: 

World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 20th Century – A. Steffens, ed. 

The Biophilia Hypothesis – S.R. Kellert and E.O. Wilson, eds.

Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization – Lester Brown (I’ve got Plan B 3.0)  

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things – W. McDonough & K. Braungart 

Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development – J.T. Lyle

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Jane Benyus

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability – Paul Hawken

When you select a book, we hope you will opt for the most sustainable choices possible, including borrowing a copy from a friend, checking it out at the library, purchasing a used copy locally, or at least ordering a used copy from your favorite online retailer.


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