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Energy Vampire Slayers – TOMORROW!

Our next “slaying” event will be TOMORROW Wednesday, October 27th between the hours of 11am and 4:00pm.  If you are still interested, please drop me a note at jgtrotma@uncg.edu and let me know what times you are available.  I’ll assign people to buildings that are participating in the program.  Just stop by my office — 214 Sink Building a few minutes before your start time and I’ll let you know which building you will be in and give you your materials.
Vampire Slayer costumes are encouraged — we want you to have fun and help make an important point around campus.

Vampire energy is all around us. It’s the iPod charger left plugged in even though the phone is finished charging. It’s the computer left on over night. It’s the screen saver used instead of setting the computer to sleep mode.  It’s the light left on in the bathrooms of academic buildings. It’s the unoccupied classroom lights that people don’t notice when they walk down the halls. 

These sources of low-wattage energy usage account for at least 5% — but as much as 20 or 30% of energy consumption.There is something you can do to help bring awareness to vampire energy — you can SLAY IT!


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