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A Day Without Vampire Energy – TODAY!

How many energy vampires can you slay today?
Vampire Energy is a energy consumed by electric devices when they are off or in standby mode.  When you turn off your DVD player after you watch a movie, don’t be fooled — power is still being pulled by your DVD player.  Digital clocks on your coffeemaker, cell phone and iPod chargers, computers, and remote control devices are also energy vampires. On the average day vampire energy accounts for at least 5%, and as much as 20% of all energy used on campus — computers alone make up HALF of this wasted energy. It is money down the drain, and greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.  You can help UNCG save money and reduce its carbon footprint by developing energy saving habits, most of which only require paying attention, instead if spending money.
Today, the Office of Sustainability challenges you to see how many energy vampires you can slay in your office, classroom, or residence hall.  When it comes to vampire energy, a little effort can go a long way.  We hope you will be mindful of this energy drain and spend a few minutes figuring out a system to eliminate energy vampires from your life in an effective manner.
We want to hear from you!  Please visit our website or Facebook page and let us know how many energy vampires you were able to slay today, and if you have any creative ideas for conserving even more energy in your daily life. We hope you will take a moment to sign our energy conservation pledge available at our website. You can also follow us on Twitter @SustainableUNCG and recieve environmental news and resource saving tips and information.
Slay These Vampires!
-Unplug your iPod and cellphone chargers when the device is full charged.
-Unplug your game systems, DVD players, coffeemakers, TVs, and other electric devices when you aren’t using it.
-Set your computer to hibernate/sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity – screen savers do nothing to conserve energy.
-Shut down your computer overnight.
-Unplug your printer when you are not using it.
-Be sure to turn off lights when leaving a room, or if you pass by an unoccupied classroom, or exit an empty public restroom.
-Use natural light whenever possible.
-Turn off as many lights as possible in your office or dorm room when leaving for the day or going to sleep.
-Turn off and/or unplug as much office equipment as possible at the end of the day.
-Unplug any device with a rechargeable batteries once the device is fully charged.
-If you are in the market for a new electrical device, look for the EnergyStar logo.
-Trade your traditional lightbulbs for Compact Florescent Lights (CFLS).
-Purchase a “smart” power strip and slay multiple vampires at once.
-Purchase a “smart” charger that will automatically stop drawing power once a device as completely charged.
-Take cooler and/or shorter showers.
-Don’t over dry clothes when you’re doing laundry.
-Only wash a load of clothes when you can wash the maximum capacity,or at least be sure to adjust the water level required.
-When washing clothes only choose the hot setting for something with a greasy stain. Cold or warm will do the trick.


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