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Energy Conservation Pledge

Sign the Energy Conservation Pledge by leaving your name as comment to this post.  Also, please let us know if there is something you’d like to see added to the pledge!



  1. Jonathan Slater says:

    This is something everyone can do to make a difference.

  2. Susan Stack says:

    The following folks are on board!

    Kelley L. Mills
    Susan Stack
    Imogene L. Cathey
    Carolyn Coppedge
    Clarenda M. Phillips
    Cindy Reed
    Bonita J. Brown
    Steve Serck
    Linda P. Brady

  3. Mikhail Balaev says:

    Good website – way to go! Save energy, planet, and UNCG’s wallet.

  4. Patricia Rowland says:

    I pledge to encourage others to save energy.

  5. Joshua Green says:

    I’m on board.

  6. Benita Peace says:

    This works at home for me as well.

  7. Michele Laudenbacher says:

    Save energy now. Tomorrow may be too late.

  8. Donna Honeycutt says:

    When I realized I could practically read by all the LED lights in my living room at night, I knew I had to do something. Those smart power bars are amazing – it’s a first step!

  9. Vicki McNeil says:

    Glad to see this is happening.

  10. Cherry Callahan says:

    I’m fully in support of this pledge.

  11. Jenna Nielsen says:

    Jenna Nielsen

  12. Gwenne R. Causey says:

    shorter or cooler showers? sounds like that is pressing it. lol! been doing the other stuff. will give thought to incorporating this shower business. 🙂

  13. Alex Whitehead says:

    Glad people are in support!

  14. Erika Kandler says:

    I’m definitely all for this pledge. I’m excited to see so many people get pumped about sustainability 🙂

  15. Dedrick Curtis says:

    I’m onboard

  16. Hoyte Phifer says:

    I can make a difference and I will.

  17. Tammy Downs says:

    We are on board.
    Tammy Downs
    Bruce Griffin

  18. Chris Jordan says:

    The Registrar’s Office is on board.

  19. Jill Beville says:

    Campus Recreation is on board.

  20. Jeff Lail - Campus Activities and Programs says:

    I fully support this pledge

  21. Everyone on on staff at the Weatherspoon Art Museum fully supports the Green Pledge and would like to invite all other UNCG Green Pledgers (and friends!) to join us at the museum each month when we host and screen the UNCG Sustainability Film & Discussion Series.

    The UNCG Sustainability Committee and the Weatherspoon are now in the middle of our 6th year with the film series.

    The next film is on December 8 – “Climate Refugees”.

    All films begin at 6:30 and we also have an early information exchange gathering beginning at 6pm. The film series is always free and each screening is followed by a discussion led by a special speaker knowledgeable about the subject in each film.

    Other films in the 2012 Series:

    January 19 – “Play Again”
    February 9 – “The Revenge of the Electric Car”
    March 22 – “Sustainability Short Film Competition”
    April 19 – “Truck Farm”

    Hope you can join us! We are at the corner of Spring Garden + Tate Streets in the Cone Building.

  22. Joyce Ray says:

    Business Affairs pledges to save energy.
    Reade Taylor
    Donna Honeycutt
    Jill Hillyer
    Jorge Quintal
    Sandra Redmond
    Joyce Ray
    Laura Young
    Tracy Clemmons
    Jill Gutierrez
    Susan Judd

  23. Heather Mitchell says:

    The Dean of Students Office pledges to save energy!
    Brett Carter
    Amy Jones
    Mary Anderson
    Joshua Green
    Heather Mitchell

  24. Ann Perdue says:

    Time to take a stand and save the trees!!!
    Ann Perdue

  25. Joe Williams says:

    Joe Williams, Access Services Department, University Libraries

  26. Alva Jones Jr says:

    Alva Jones, Access Services Dept, University Libraries

  27. Marilyn Hanichak says:

    Brought up by an electrician, so I’m used to flipping off the lights.

  28. Ann Perdue says:

    Ann Perdue Access Services

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