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A Day Without Disposable Plastic!

  Though some plastics are recyclable, it is a product created from petroleum based chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment and the people who live near the factories that produce it. The amount of energy used to recycle these products is significant — so why not avoid it all together?  Unfortunately there are many disposable plastics that cannot be recycled. These yogurt cups, plastic forks, and other containers will spend thousands of years breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces, entering the water supply and food chain leaving a trail of BPA and other health compromising chemicals behind.

                  “plastic island” located in the Pacific Ocean
Silverware collected by the Office of Sustainability will be distributed around campus in common eating areas (break rooms etc.) in effort to reduce the use of plastic utensils. Students will be carrying large bags of plastic waste and will be distributing information about how to avoid disposable plastic at various times around the EUC and the Caf.
Just Say No – To Disposable Plastic
~Take reusable bags to the grocery store, and if you forget ask for  paper.
~Take a mug or other reusable beverage container to the Caf and other eating establishments.
~Avoid buying food packaged in plastic – check out the bulk section!
~Stop using straws.
~Instead of take out, relax and “dine in” or eat at home
~When eating at a restaurant, take your own glass or Pyrex containers to bring home leftovers.
~Toss a metal spoon and fork into your bag or desk so you can always skip the plastic utensils at lunch.
  See – it’s easy!
We want to hear from you!  Please leave a comment and let us know what challenges you faced today as you avoided disposable plastics, or share more ideas on how to reduce the amount of disposable plastic!  


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