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Holiday Vampires

The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone, and twinkling lights of the winter holidays have wasted no time appearing around town.  With all of the excitement and nostalgia generated by the warm glow of these lights, it is easy to throw caution into the brisk winter wind and go a little overboard…

All of these colorful lights are quick to put people in the holiday spirit, but sadly they are powered by the same coal-burning power plants that light up our daily lives. But fear not, there are ways to still be considerate of natural resources, the environment, and your power bill.  First, consider scaling back on the lights.

When you unpack your lights, and inevitably find that a few strings no longer work being phasing in strings of LED lights, which use 75% less energy than traditional lights.  You can hardly tell the difference between the two!


LED Lights

Lights are not the only energy vampires found around the holidays. Mechanized decorations in the yard, tiny villages with glowing windows, toy trains and various pieces of entertainment equipment found in your home during the rest of the year, such ad DVD players, televisions, and computers.  Don’t let these known vampires sneak into your holiday season and drain your home of energy, send your energy bill soaring, and avoid increases in your carbon footprint.  Most people use more natural resources through the holidays, but vampire energy is one area that you are able to control. 


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