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Conversation Cafe — Sunday!

 Re-opening of Conversation Cafe Greensboro
    Building inter-generational community democracy, solidarity, collaborative intelligence and collective action


 March 27th from 3-5:00 pm
 At the Green Bean
341 S. Elm Street

Theme: Connecting for the Good of the Whole Community: How can we work across difference to create local alternatives to the economic and environmental crisis that builds on the collective resources of the whole community?

Contact Information:  Kathe Latham kblatham@aol.com or 336-852-1489
Conversation Cafes are hosted dialogues among people with different memories and habits who are willing to engage in new ways of thought and action. Public conversation provides an open forum to talk about critical issues that nourish new ideas and inspire new possibilities of working across difference, finding common ground, and imagining alternatives. We view dialogue as a means to evoke effective action inspired by reflection and collective wisdom. Everyone is welcome.


1 Comment

  1. Betsy Oldenburg says:

    Please put me on your list for notice of future Conversation cafes, Thank you

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