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Phew – Busy Around Here!

We have been busy – seriously!  Details will be coming soon on all of our progress will be coming out soon in the first issue of our newsletter, IMPACT.  We can’t keep you in the dark though on all the great news though!

Campus Sustainability Day:   Thank you to everyone who took time from their busy schedules to have informational tables on College Avenue.  We had decent foot traffic throughout the day, and it was great weather!  Chancellor Brady made a powerful statement in support of UNCG’s sustainability efforts by signing the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.  Photos, video, and a details will be posted soon.

No Impact Project: We’d love to hear from anyone who participated in the No Impact Project last week!  A special thanks to POCAM, Dining Services, and Triad Student Energy Alliance for helping out with different activities.  The results for the slightly tricky water tasting event will be posted later today!

Recycling: The amazing Ben Kunka, the Waste Reduction and Recycling guru and the Office of Sustainability are working together to launch a bottle cap recycling program! We’ll begin with 12 bin locations around campus.  Do you have a suggestion for where they should be? Let us hear it! 

Green Office Program: More offices are coming on board each week! For a complete list visit the program website. To get your office started contact Jessica Trotman.


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