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Taste the Difference?

As part of the No Impact Project I held a water taste test in the EUC.  It was the Friday before Halloween, and I was feeling festive.  I also never miss an opportunity to make a point, so instead of getting treat when you were at our table you definitely were getting tricked.

There were cups of water on each side of the table.  Participants were asked to tell us if #1 or #2 was the bottled water.  The responses were split evenly between the two options. Some people went on at length about how one tasted better than the other, or said they could “just tell” which was bottled water.  I nearly ruined it on more than one occasion with stifled laughs, because, it was ALL TAP WATER.  

Two participants either have superior taste buds or sensed I was up to something, and correctly guessed that both choices were directly from the tap.

Presented by Online Education
The Facts About Bottled Water


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