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The UNCG Climate Action Plan – FINALLY!

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Click on the image to read the plan.

After months of work, the UNCG Climate Action Plan teams have finally completed the first draft of the Plan.  Now, we’re asking for your input.  Please review the Plan and give us your constructive criticisms, comments and suggestions here on the blog or email us at rkmcdona@uncg.edu.  This is a plan for the entire UNCG community, and we want to make sure your ideas and voices are heard.

The Plan will be up for comments through the end of March.  After that, we’ll take all the comments under advisement and incorporate them into the final draft that will be presented to the Chancellor, Executive Staff, and Board of Trustees for final approval.

If you would rather offer comments in person, we will be holding a public workshop in the coming weeks where you may learn more about the Plan and discuss ideas with us.  Stay tuned for the announcement of when and where we’ll hold the workshop.

Thank you for your interest; please offer any comments you have here on the blog.


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  1. Joanne Jones says:

    The plan is well thought out and presented! I like that a lack of funding is not being used as a deterrent to UNCG going “more” green. I also hope that “Advancement in vehicle technology” from outside sectors will continue from the vehicle manufacturers. Education and communication will be the key in reducing UNCG’S carbon footprint.

    As a staff member and commuter, I certainly hope that the University does not “consider
    disincentives for single occupancy vehicles”

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