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Sustainability: “Academics, operations, and outreach…conducted with careful attention to the enduring interconnectedness of social equality, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics.”  UNCG Tomorrow

UNCG’s sustainability efforts are constantly growing.  Here are few examples of what has already been accomplished.  Check back frequently to see the University’s progress!

  • All new buildings on UNCG’s growing campus must at least meet LEED-Silver certification standards.  In the next three years, 10 new buildings on campus will meet these stringent standards.
  • UNCG’s administration support sustainability.  Sustainability is an established Core Value in the UNCG Strategic Plan.
  • In June 2010 UNCG became a Charter Member of STARS — Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System
  • The University’s first greenhouse gas audit was completed in June 2010
  • UNCG’s energy consumption has dropped 14% since 2002-2003.  In order to meet state mandates, another 16% reduction is required in by 2015.
  • The Arbor Day Foundation named UNCG a Tree Campus USA in 2009.
  • Academic opportunities are available to students including an undergraduate major and minor in Environmental Studies.  There are many other courses relevant to sustainability as well.
  • UNCG has an active sustainability effort through campus including the University Committee on Sustainability, UNCGreen, EcoSpartans, Earth festivities, and the Sustainable Film Series.
  • Throughout campus heating and cooling systems have been updated to provide maximum levels of efficiency.
  • Efforts to main the campus grounds include organic and/or slow release fertilizers, drought resistant plants, and tractors now use bio-diesel.
  • Trayless dining in the Caf



  1. Larry says:

    As an employee at A&T, I am happy to say there are similar sustainability efforts afoot here, but there could be more. Here’s a suggestion: Administrations at all the local campuses are cordially competitive about attracting local students — how about sparking a friendly competition amongst them to see who can be the greenest and cleanest while saving money and resources? Or at least a competition between the two taxpayer supported colleges in Greensboro? Not sure how that could be tracked, but it could get interesting and attract attention if the two chancellors went toe to toe on sustainability. Just a thought. Best wishes!

  2. Ben Kunka says:

    UNCG is moving in the right direction, while we still have a long road ahead of us we have a lot to celebrate. Last year UNCG had its highest recycling rate to date at 37% of UNCG’s total waste being reused or recycled, more importantly UNCG produced less total waste. UNCG’s recycling efforts have also yielded more than triple the revenue we make on office paper, cardboard and metal during the last year too. UNCG’s recycling efforts have allowed the University to enjoy a cost savings of $180,000 last year, that is money the University would otherwise spend without a waste reduction program. I look forward to what we can do in the future.

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